Integrating with the Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud, includes powerful web analytics and website optimization products that deliver actionable, real-time data and insights to drive successful online initiatives. It offers an integrated and open platform for online business optimization. The Cloud consists of integrated applications to collect and unleash the power of customer insight to optimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention efforts as well as the creation and distribution of content.

With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you can seamlessly integrate with the following products of the Adobe Marketing Cloud:

  • Adobe SiteCatalyst provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives.
  • Adobe Test&Target gives marketers the ability to continually make their online content more relevant to their customers — yielding greater conversion.
  • Adobe Scene 7 automates media management, streamlines web publishing, and enhances web experiences, all in a hosted environment.
  • Adobe TagManager provides data exchange with control, security, and reliability.
  • Adobe AudienceManager consolidates audience information from all sorts of sources.
  • Adobe Search&Promote gives marketers the ability to control and optimize the search results on their sites.
  • Adobe Social integrates cloud management of on premise social communities with other social media.

In addition, you can integrate AEM with the creative cloud and with third-party services.

Integrating with SiteCatalyst

Adobe SiteCatalyst is the industry-leading solution that provides digital marketers with one place to measure, analyze, and optimize integrated data from all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels. It provides marketers with actionable, real-time web analytics intelligence about digital strategies and marketing initiatives. Adobe SiteCatalyst helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through a website, segment traffic to spot high-value web visitors, determine where visitors are navigating away from the site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns.

You can use Adobe SiteCatalyst to analyze data from your sites.

Integrating with Adobe SiteCatalyst allows you to do the following:

  • Enable SiteCatalyst user tracking.
  • Map your run modes (for example author, publish) to different report suites.
  • Submit Cliient Context variables as conversion variables or traffic properties.
  • Use predefined variable mappings.
  • Configure complete site sections at once.
  • Track custom-defined events.

For information about integrating your CQ site and SiteCatalyst, see Integrating with Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Integrating with Test&Target

Adobe Test&Target is used by marketers to design and execute online tests, create on-the-fly audience segments (based on behavior) and automate the targeting of content and online experiences.

Online consumers today have constantly evolving needs and expect relevant, even personalized content from the wide variety of sites and content sources they can choose from. To engage an online audience, it is critical that online marketers quickly identify which offers and content are relevant and compelling to their audiences. Armed with this knowledge, marketers need the capability to continually evolve their sites and to target the appropriate content to different audiences.

Adobe Test&Target puts control directly in the hands of marketers to quickly and continually execute multiple A/B testing and multivariate (MVT) testing, measure effectiveness and relevance of content across any online channel and increase content relevance through segmentation, targeting and automated personalization.

Your CQ based site can be seamlessly integrated with Test&Target, allowing you to do the following:

  • Create campaign offers and mboxes with CQ and manage them with Test&Target.
  • Submit Client Context variables when requesting mbox content.

The page Integrating with Adobe Test&Target explains how to integrate your site with Test&Target.

Integrating with Scene7

Adobe Scene7 is a hosted solution for publishing, managing, enhancing, and delivering dynamic marketing assets and rich visual merchandising to web, mobile, email, social media, Internet-connected displays and print.

In AEM, you can publish digital assets directly from AEM to Scene7 and you can publish digital assets from Scene7 to AEM. 

In addition, you can view AEM assets published in Scene7 in various viewers:

  • Basic Zoom
  • DHTML Flyout Zoom
  • Flash Flyout Zoom
  • Video
  • Flash Template
  • Image Template

For more information on how AEM integrates with Scene7, see the Integrating with Scene7 documentation.

Integrating with Adobe TagManager

Adobe TagManager powers digital data exchange with enterprise-class control, security, and reliability.

For information on how AEM integrates with TagManager, see Integrating with Adobe TagManager.

Integrating with Adobe AudienceManager

Adobe AudienceManager consolidates audience information from all available sources. It identifies, quantifies, and optimizes high-value target audiences, which can then be offered to advertisers via an integrated, secure, privacy-friendly management system that works across all advertising distribution platforms.

For information on how AEM integrates with AudienceManager, see Integrating with Adobe AudienceManager.

Integrating with Search&Promote

Adobe Search&Promote enables marketers to optimize how visitors browse, find, compare, and select relevant products and content on web and mobile sites. Businesses can easily promote priority items based on business objectives and visitor intent, as well as automate merchandising and promotions activity via KPI-based triggers or metrics.

Adobe Search&Promote is a reliable and scalable hosted site search application, capable of scaling to millions of pages or products, for heavily visited online businesses ranging from retail to news sites. It offers unprecedented levels of marketer control and metrics-based relevance.

For information about integrating your CQ site and Search&Promote, see Integrating with Adobe Search&Promote.

Integrating with Adobe Social

Adobe Social is a comprehensive, hosted solution for building effective relationships that inform customers and drive brand loyalty through unified management and moderation of all social activity.

When integrated with Adobe Social, your on premise social community becomes another channel of social activity managed in the Adobe Social cloud.

For information on how AEM Social Communities integrates with Adobe Social, see Integrating with Adobe Social.

Integrating with Survey


The Survey component is no longer available since AEM 5.6. For CQ 5.5 users who have upgraded, you can copy the component over to your project code and continue to use it. For further information, please contact your Adobe Sales representative.

Adobe Survey is a voice-of-customer sentiment application that captures audience opinions, attitudes, and motivations in real-time, giving digital marketers a more complete understanding of consumers.

Online surveys provide a cost-effective way to quickly gather information from customers, respond to customer actions, and establish an ongoing dialog with the ecosystem of brand influencers. Additionally, surveys are an essential method to determine brand perception, customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and partner engagement.

Adobe Survey combines the qualitative voice of customer data with quantitative behavior to reveal insights into why customers take various actions online. A better understanding of audience sentiment leads to engaging interactions, focused product development, enhanced brand perceptions, and loyal customer advocates.

Integrating with Adobe Dynamic Tag Management

Adobe Dynamic Tag Management gives marketers intuitive tools to quickly and easily manage an unlimited number of Adobe and third-party tags. You'll have more control and flexibility to optimize virtually anything online, all while reducing the dependence on IT resources.

Integrate Adobe Dynamic Tag Management with AEM so that you can use your Dynamic Tag Management web properties to track AEM sites.