Mobile Apps

You are reading the AEM 6.1 version of Mobile Apps.
This documentation is also available for the following versions:  AEM 6.2 

AEM provides several tools that enable you to integrate your content into mobile applications.

Additionally, you may be interested in the AEM tools to develop sites for mobile devices.

This page should be read in conjunction with the Mobile page for authors.

Developing Web Sites for Mobile

Develop page templates and components that are optimized for viewing using mobile devices. Develop pages that use a responsive layout that adjusts to multiple screen sizes, or develop pages that are optimized for a specific screen size. Use the device emulators that AEM provides or create your own emulators for WSYWIG authoring and previewing: 

Developing Mobile Apps

Develop mobile applications that use AEM pages as the application interface. AEM integrates with PhoneGap so that you can easily create apps using AEM pages. Content Sync enables you to create versioned archives of pages for bundling with apps.