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Fields in with type parameters of type CellValue
protected  Map<Column,CellValue> Data.columnTotals
          Column totals

Methods in that return CellValue
 CellValue ValueExtractor.extractValue(ExtractorDef extractDef, Object baseObj)
          Extracts a value from the given base object according to the specified extraction definition.
 CellValue DataRow.get(String property)
          Gets the data of the specified cell.
 CellValue Aggregate.getAggregatedValue(Report report)
          Returns the aggregated value.
 CellValue Data.getColumnTotal(Column col)
          Gets the total value of the specified column.
 CellValue Aggregate.getColumnTotal(Report report)
          Returns the totalled aggregate value for the entire column, if available.
 CellValue Column.preprocessData(ProcessingPhase type, DataRow row, boolean isAggregated, boolean isReportGrouped)
          Preprocesses the specified data row.
 CellValue ValueResolver.resolve(Session session, CellValue value, Context context)
          Resolves the specified value.

Methods in with parameters of type CellValue
 void DataRow.add(String property, CellValue value)
          Adds cell data.
 void Data.addColumnTotal(Column col, CellValue total)
          Adds the specified column total.
 void Aggregate.aggregateValue(CellValue valueToAggregate)
          Aggregates the specified value.
 void AggregateExtensions.aggregateValue(CellValue valueToAggregate, Report report)
          Aggregates the specified value.
 boolean Filter.isMatching(CellValue cellData)
          Checks if the specified data row matches the filter (= should be included in the result set due to current filter settings).
 CellValue ValueResolver.resolve(Session session, CellValue value, Context context)
          Resolves the specified value.

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