Class MergedMultiResource

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Adaptable, Resource

public class MergedMultiResource
extends SyntheticResource

MergedMultiResource is a synthetic resource that presents a merged view on multiple resources. This is done by providing a ValueMap in adaptTo(Class) that merges the values of all resources, ie. provide a null value for a key if the value is not the same in all resurces and only present a value if that one is present in exactly all of the resources.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
MergedMultiResource(List<Resource> resources)
Method Summary
adaptTo(Class<AdapterType> type)
          Calls into the registered AdapterManager to adapt this object to the desired type.
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Constructor Detail


public MergedMultiResource(List<Resource> resources)
Method Detail


public <AdapterType> AdapterType adaptTo(Class<AdapterType> type)
Description copied from class: SlingAdaptable
Calls into the registered AdapterManager to adapt this object to the desired type.

This method implements a cache of adapters to improve performance. That is repeated calls to this method with the same class will result in the same object to be returned.

Specified by:
adaptTo in interface Adaptable
adaptTo in class SlingAdaptable
Type Parameters:
AdapterType - The generic type to which this resource is adapted to
type - The Class object of the target type, such as javax.jcr.Node.class or
The adapter target or null if the resource cannot adapt to the requested type

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