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Interface javax.jcr.nodetype.NodeTypeManager

Added Methods
NodeDefinitionTemplate createNodeDefinitionTemplate() Returns an empty NodeDefinitionTemplate which can then be used to create a child node definition and attached to a NodeTypeTemplate.
NodeTypeTemplate createNodeTypeTemplate() Returns an empty NodeTypeTemplate which can then be used to define a node type and passed to NodeTypeManager.registerNodeType.
NodeTypeTemplate createNodeTypeTemplate(NodeTypeDefinition) Returns a NodeTypeTemplate holding the specified node type definition.
PropertyDefinitionTemplate createPropertyDefinitionTemplate() Returns an empty PropertyDefinitionTemplate which can then be used to create a property definition and attached to a NodeTypeTemplate.
boolean hasNodeType(String) Returns true if a node type with the specified name is registered.
NodeType registerNodeType(NodeTypeDefinition, boolean) Registers a new node type or updates an existing node type using the specified definition and returns the resulting NodeType object.
NodeTypeIterator registerNodeTypes(NodeTypeDefinition[], boolean) Registers or updates the specified array of NodeTypeDefinition objects.
void unregisterNodeType(String) Unregisters the specified node type.
void unregisterNodeTypes(String[]) Unregisters the specified set of node types.