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Package javax.jcr.version

Added Classes and Interfaces
ActivityViolationException Exception will be thrown by Node.checkout and Node.checkpoint if an activity A is present on the current session and any of the following conditions is met:
  • There already is a node in another workspace that has a checked-out node for the version history of N whose jcr:activity references A.
  • There is a version in the version history of N that is not a predecessor of N but whose jcr:activity references A
  • .
LabelExistsVersionException Exception thrown by VersionHistory.addVersionLabel if moveLabel is set to false and an attempt is made to add a label that already exists in the VersionHistory.
VersionManager The VersionManager object is accessed via javax.jcr.Workspace.getVersionManager().

Changed Interfaces
Version A Version object wraps an nt:version node.
VersionHistory A VersionHistory object wraps an nt:versionHistory node.