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Packages that use Item
javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.version Provides interfaces and classes for content repository versioning functionality. 

Uses of Item in javax.jcr

Subinterfaces of Item in javax.jcr
 interface Node
          The Node interface represents a node in the hierarchy that makes up the repository.
 interface Property
          A Property object represents the smallest granularity of content storage.

Methods in javax.jcr that return Item
 Item Session.getItem(java.lang.String absPath)
          Returns the item at the specified absolute path in the workspace.
 Item Node.getPrimaryItem()
          Returns the primary child item of this node.
 Item Item.getAncestor(int depth)
          Returns the ancestor of the specified depth.

Methods in javax.jcr with parameters of type Item
 boolean Item.isSame(Item otherItem)
          Returns true if this Item object (the Java object instance) represents the same actual repository item as the object otherItem.

Uses of Item in javax.jcr.version

Subinterfaces of Item in javax.jcr.version
 interface Version
          A Version object wraps an nt:version node.
 interface VersionHistory
          A VersionHistory object wraps an nt:versionHistory node.

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