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Packages that use NodeIterator
javax.jcr Provides interfaces and classes for the Content Repository for Java Technology. 
javax.jcr.query Provides interfaces and classes for content repository searching functionality. 

Uses of NodeIterator in javax.jcr

Methods in javax.jcr that return NodeIterator
 NodeIterator Node.getNodes()
          Returns a NodeIterator over all child Nodes of this Node.
 NodeIterator Node.getNodes(java.lang.String namePattern)
          Gets all child nodes of this node that match namePattern.
 NodeIterator Node.merge(java.lang.String srcWorkspace, boolean bestEffort)
          This method can be thought of as a version-sensitive update (see 7.1.7 Updating and Cloning Nodes across Workspaces in the specification).

Uses of NodeIterator in javax.jcr.query

Methods in javax.jcr.query that return NodeIterator
 NodeIterator QueryResult.getNodes()
          Returns an iterator over all nodes that match the query.

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