Multi Site Manager

Multi Site Manager (MSM) enables you to easily manage multiple web sites that share common content. MSM lets you define relations between the sites so that content changes in one site are automatically replicated in other sites. For example, web sites are often provided for international audiences such that most of the content is common for each country, and a subset of the content is specfic to each country. 

MSM reduces the time it takes to manage your websites and increases the re-use of common content:

  • Efficiently manage different language versions of a website.
  • Automatically update one or more sites based on a source site:
    • Enforce a common base structure and use common content across multiple sites.
    • Maximize the use of available resources.
    • Maintain a common look and feel.
    • Focus efforts on managing the content that differs between the sites.

The content and structure that a site inherits from the source site can be managed at a page and paragraph level. Generally, using MSM involves performing the following tasks:

  • Identifying the source content.
  • Identifying the location of the copy.
  • Configuring what items of source content are automatically updated in the copy.
  • Configuring when content updates occur in the copy. 
The following pages describe how to perform the various tasks involved in implementing Multi Site Management:

To enable machine translation, AEM administrators can configure the integration of machine translation providers. Also, developers can extend MSM functionality.