Managing Multiple Assets

Use the Bulk Metadata editor to perform the following actions on multiple assets in DAM:

  • Change metadata properties to a common value
  • Add or modify tags

The properties that you can edit using Bulk Metadata editor can also be controlled using the Schema editor.

Editing Properties of Multiple Assets

Use the Bulk Metadata editor to simultaneously edit common properties of multiple assets and their tags. To edit the properties of multiple assets:

  1. In the Assets UI, navigate to the location of the assets you want to edit.

  2. Using the Navigation and Selection Mode, select the assets for which you want to edit common properties.

  3. Click the Properties icon to open the Bulk Metadata editor for the selected assets.

  4. You can modify both basic and advanced metadata properties for selected assets.

    Note: The metadata you add for the selected assets overwrites the previously-existing metadata for the individual assets, expect for the metadata pertaining to tags. The new tags you add in the Tags field as part of the bulk edit are appended to the pre-existing list of tags in the metadata.

  5. To view the metadata editor for a specific asset in the list, clear the checkboxes corresponding to the remaining assets. The metadata editor fields for the particular asset are populated with the previously-added metadata for the asset.

  6. Click the Save icon to save the changes.



  • In the Bulk Metadata editor, some assets may be cleared from the asset listing that has all the assets selected by default. The metadata is not updated for these assets.
  • At the top of assets list, select the checkbox adjacent to Title to toggle between selecting the assets and clearing the list.