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Welcome to the Analytics Tutorials Site. Using these tutorials along with the documentation will give you a better understanding how to use Adobe Analytics to gain customer insights faster than ever. To get started,
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What's New

  • Learn about all of our favorite Analysis Workspace right-clicks and how to use them. From Freeform Tables to Fallout Visualizations, right-clicking will make you more efficient and proficient in Workspace.
  • Quick Insights provides guidance for non-analysts and new users of Analysis Workspace to learn how to answer business questions quickly and easily.
  • Project sharing is one way to democratize data and insights from Analysis Workspace to users in your organization. You can place recipients in one of three project roles, depending on the project experience you want them to have - Edit, Duplicate and View.

Staff Picks

The Algorithmic Attribution model in Analysis Workspace uses statistical techniques to dynamically determine the optimal allocation of credit for the selected metric.
The Analysis Workspace Training Tutorial walks users through common terminology and steps for building their first analysis in Workspace.
High-level overview of Analysis Workspace.