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Customer Journey Analytics glossary

Some Customer Journey Analytics terms differ from how they have traditionally been used in Adobe Analytics:
Adobe Analytics term
New Customer Journey Analytics term
Lookup dataset
Customer attribute
Profile dataset
If you capture enterprise customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) database, you can upload the data into a Profile dataset in Adobe Experience Platform. Once you create a connection to that dataset in Customer Journey Analytics and create a data view, leverage the data in Workspace.
Login company
Experience Cloud organization
Report Suite
Report suites in the traditional Adobe Analytics sense no longer exist. Instead, you create (virtual) data views from the Platform datasets that you established connections to.
Segments are now filters. Filters in Customer Journey Analytics behave the same as segments. Only the terminology has changed.
Virtual report suite
Data view
In Adobe Analytics, a virtual report suite is a segmented view of a parent report suite. The main difference between a virtual report suite and a data view in CJA is that the virtual report suite is a subset of a "base" or "parent" report suite and, as such, inherits some of its settings. Since parent/base report suites no longer exist, you define data views with their own settings.

Adobe Experience Platform glossary

Adobe Experience Platform standardizes data and content across the enterprise, powering real-time consumer profiles, enabling data science, and accelerating content velocity to drive experience personalization across the customer journey. See the Adobe Experience Platform Glossary for more information.