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Flow settings

You are viewing the documentation for Analysis Workspace in Customer Journey Analytics. Its feature set differs slightly from Analysis Workspace in traditional Adobe Analytics . Learn more...
Flow Container
  • Visit
  • Visitor
Lets you switch between Visit and Visitor to analyze visitor pathing. These settings help you understand visitor engagement at the visitor level (across visits), or constrain the analysis to a single visit.
Flow Options
  • Wrap Labels
Normally, the labels on the Flow elements are truncated to save screen real estate, but you can make the entire label visible by checking this box. Default = unchecked.
  • Include Repeat Instances
Flow visualizations are based on instances of a dimension. This setting gives you the option to include or exclude repeated instances, e.g. Page reloads. However, repeats cannot be removed from Flow visualizations that include multi-valued dimensions, such as listVars, listProps, s.product, merchandising eVars, etc.

Right-click options

Focus on this node
Change the focus to the selected node. The focus node appears at the center of the Flow diagram.
Start Over
Returns you to the Freeform diagram builder, where you can build a new Flow diagram.
Create Segment from this point in flow
Create a segment. This takes you into the Segment Builder, where you can configure the new segment.
Break the node down by available Dimensions, Metrics, or Time.
Create a trended diagram for the node.
Expand entire column
Expand a column to show all nodes. By default, only the top five nodes display.
Collapse entire column
Hide all nodes in a column.