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Accessibility in Analysis Workspace

You are viewing the documentation for Analysis Workspace in Customer Journey Analytics. Its feature set differs slightly from Analysis Workspace in traditional Adobe Analytics . Learn more...
Learn about accessibility support in Analysis Workspace, the premier analysis tool for Adobe Analytics.
Accessibility refers to making products usable for people with visual, auditory, cognitive, motor, and other disabilities. Examples of accessibility features for software products include screen reader support, text equivalents for graphics, keyboard shortcuts, change of display colors to high contrast, and so on.
Analysis Workspace provides some tools that make it accessible to use, including:

Support for screen readers and screen magnifiers

A screen reader reads text that appears on the computer screen. It also reads non-textual information, such as button labels or image descriptions in the application, provided in accessibility tags or attributes.

Color palettes & contrast

Analysis Workspace strives for WCAG 2.1 AA conformance, including requirements for color contrast.
In addition, users can set their own preferred color palette for a project under Project > Project settings > Project color palette .

Required field validation in component builders

When building a component, required fields are validated when you save. If a required field does not pass validation, it will be outlined in red with an error icon. A written description appears of the issue that needs to be fixed.
Once a component is fully validated, pressing Save closes the builder.

Support for operating system accessibility features

Analysis Workspace supports built-in MS Windows and macOS accessibility features like high-contrast mode, sticky keys, and slow keys/filter keys. It also provides information about the user interface to the operating system to enable interaction with assistive technologies, including screen readers such as VoiceOver for macOS and NVDA on Windows.