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Analytics product comparison and requirements

System requirements and a comparison of Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Ad Hoc Analysis, Report Builder, Data Warehouse, and Data Workbench
For information on which Adobe Analytics product to use, go here .
Product Name & Help Link Analysis Workspace Reports & Analytics Ad Hoc Analysis Report Builder Data Warehouse Data Workbench
Access Method Browser solution for building robust, custom analysis projects, and democratizing insights. Browser solution for digital analysis. Java based tool for advanced digital analysis. Excel add-in that lets you build customized requests from R&A data, and visualize using Microsoft Excel. Browser solution that generates reports in .csv format. Can generate Tableau format files. Multi-channel analytics tool for advanced analysis, such as custom attribution modeling, predictive analytics, and 360 customer analysis.
Report Breakdowns Unlimited Up to 2 correlations Unlimited Up to 2 correlations Performs fully expanded, unlimited breakdowns, break down by segment. Unlimited
Segment Comparisons Unlimited Up to 2 segments Unlimited Unlimited (data request stacking) 1 segment. Supports multiple (stacked) segments. Unlimited
Row Output Limit 400 200 50,000 50,000 Unlimited Customizable
Unique Value Limits (within eVar/ prop reports) 500K-2MM 500K-2MM 500K-2MM 500K-2MM Unlimited Customizable
Funnel/Pathing Yes
Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Advanced Customer Journey Analysis Planned No Yes No No Yes
Cohort Analysis Yes No No No No Yes
Advanced Attribution Limited currently - first/last/linear Limited - first/last/linear Limited - first/last/linear Limited - first/last/linear Limited - first/last/linear Yes
Enhanced Visualization Options Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Customizable Layout Yes Yes - Dashboards No Yes
Sort results by breakdown or by metrics.
Project Curation (Simplify reports for non-analysts) Yes No No Yes No Yes
Project Sharing Yes ; all/any users Yes ; all/any users Only with Ad Hoc Analysis users Yes; all/any users No Yes
Scheduled Report Delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Requirements
Windows, MS Excel
Browser and program to open .csv files like MS Excel. Can generate Tableau format files. Windows 64 bit, good graphics adapter for OpenGL 3.2 ( More... )