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Real-time reports configuration

Administrative steps for setting up Real-Time reports.
Setting up real-time reports within Reports & Analytics consists of selecting the report suite and configuring up to 3 reports for it.
  1. Select the report suite for which you want to enable real-time reports.
    Navigate to Analytics > Reports > View All Reports > Site Metrics > Real-Time and select the report suite from the drop-down at the top:
    If you try to view real-time reports for a report suite that has not been set up for real-time reporting, a message displays that enables you to set up the report suite.
  2. Click Configure (gear icon) to run the Report Suite Manager.
    (Also available under Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > Real-Time .)
  3. Turn on the Enable Real-Time setting.
  4. Set up real-time data collection for up to three reports, with one metric and three dimensions or classifications per report.
    For information on supported real-time metrics and dimensions, see Supported Metrics and Dimensions .
    If you have created classifications, they appear indented under the dimension for which they are defined:
    For a single Real-Time report, we do not currently support enabling duplicate dimensions, even if a different classification is selected for each dimension.
    For more information about classifications, see About Classifications .
    Some dimensions, such as "Search Keyword" or "Product", do not persist in Real-Time like they do elsewhere in Adobe Analytics. When you select a non-persistent metric, this warning appears:
  5. Click Save or Save and View Report .
    After this initial report setup, it can take up to 20 minutes for the data to begin streaming. From then on, data is immediately available. For information on viewing Real-Time reports, see Run a Real-Time Report .
  6. By default, all users have access to Real-Time reports.