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Timestamps optional

Combine both timestamped and non-timestamped data into a single report suite.
Timestamps Optional lets you:
  • Mix timestamped and non-timestamped data in the same global report suite.
  • Send timestamped data from a mobile app to a global report suite.
  • Upgrade apps to use offline tracking without having to create a new report suite.
See Using Timestamps Optional for best practices when using timestamps in your report suite.
If you are using Timestamps Optional, then do not set s.visitorID on data that is already timestamped. This can lead to out-of-order data and negatively impact time calculations (such as time spent values), attribution (eVar persistence), visit number/visit counts, and pathing reports.
Timestamp-enabled session data is kept for up to 92 days. This means that a visit/session will be "held open" for 92 days while any additional hit - that isn't 30 minutes after the previous hit (in hit time) - can still be included in the same visit/session. Any "old" hits that are received out of order will produce "unknown" results, since a number of factors (segmentation, allocation, expiration, etc.) influence whether these hits will be included in reporting or not.

New Report Suites

  • If created from a template, a new report suite defaults to Timestamps Optional.
    (You can create a new report suite from a template at Admin > Report Suites > Create New > Report Suite .)
  • If copied from an existing report suite, then the new report suite inherits the timestamp setting from the original, including:
    • Timestamps not allowed (setting s.visitorID supported)
    • Timestamps required (setting s.visitorID not supported)
    • Timestamps optional (setting s.visitorID supported but not on timestamped hits)

To change existing report suites to Timestamps Optional

  1. Go to Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > General > Timestamp Configuration .
  2. Select the Convert selected report suites to Timestamps Optional box.
    This will change your report suite to Timestamps Optional.
If a report suite was set to Timestamps Optional , to change this to any other setting, please contact Adobe Client Care.