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Create a report suite

Steps that describe how to create a report suite, and to copy a report suite's settings to a new one.
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites .
  2. Select a report suite.
  3. Click Create New > Report Suite .
  4. To copy a report suite's settings, in the template list, select either a predefined template or an existing report suite to use as a template.
    Only settings can be copied, not the data. If Customer Care is copying the settings over, you will need to provide a written confirmation to the disclaimer provided by Customer care about the risks involved. See Settings not copied from a source report suite for more information.
  5. Fill in the fields described in New Report Suite.
  6. Click Create Report Suite .
A report suite ID has a maximum length of 40 bytes. A report suite friendly name has a maximum length of 255 bytes.