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Estimate past server calls and schedule a traffic spike

You can get, say, last year's daily server call average during a specific time frame, plus an expected increase in server call volume for this year. You can then schedule a traffic spike based on this multiplication factor.
  1. Log in to Analytics as an Admin and go to Admin > Traffic Management .
  2. Click Expand to expanding the report suite list and click Select Report Suites to select multiple report suites.
  3. Click Schedule Spikes .
  4. Under Past Server Calls , select a start and end date for the selected report suites.
    The amount for Peak Day, Peak Day Server Calls and Daily Average of Server Calls is generated.
  5. Input a value for the multiplication factor and click Click to multiply and set .
    The value for each of the columns is multiplied for each report suite.
  6. Under Set Spike Parameters , submit the spike parameters for the selected report suites.
    The spike is now scheduled for each selected report suite.