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Customize report access - overview

User and product management is moving to the Admin Console . Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin Tools > User Management will be retired.
Customize group permission to Analytics tools, report suite tools, metrics, and dimensions.
Add New Group > Report Access
The Report Access section on the Define User Group page provides access categories that enable you to customize permissions at a granular level.
For example, you can create a group with access to multiple Analytics tools ( Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, and Report Builder), with permission to specific metrics and dimensions (including eVars), and capabilities like segment or calculated metrics creation.

What You Should Know about Permissions

Item Description
Administrator access / predefined groups
Predefined groups are no longer required for administrators. Administrators now have access to all items (tools, metrics, dimensions), as well as Web Service access, Report Builder, Activity Map, and Ad Hoc Analysis.
The purpose of groups is to grant or restrict access to non-administrative users.
Custom groups
Custom groups have replaced predefined groups. Existing predefined groups will be migrated to custom groups, using the same group name. Any custom groups that you have created, including their settings, will be preserved. However, you will notice that the location of settings will have moved. For example, Company settings (in Customize Admin Console) are now in Customize Analytics Tools .
Users belonging to All Report Access have been migrated to a custom group with access to:
  • All Dimensions
  • All Metrics
  • All Report Suites
  • Channel Report
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Real-Time Report
  • Analysis Workspace Access
Administrators can delete custom groups and create their own, as all settings that were previously available in predefined groups are available for customization under the Report Access settings in Define User Groups.
Dimension-Level Permissions
You can customize permissions to include or exclude access to dimensions (in addition to metrics).
  • All current dimensions and metrics within custom groups have been automatically migrated to the new categories. If an existing group has metrics enabled, it will be given all newly permissionable dimensions (eVars and content aware) and metrics by default.
  • Classifications Importer (formerly, SAINT) permissions: Access to classifications is determined by access to the variable on which the classification is based.
Recommended only for new customers or customers with companies provisioned in the Experience Cloud . A migration for existing Analytics customers to the Experience Cloud identity management system is planned.
More information is available in Analytics User Migration to the Admin Console .
Content Aware
Content Aware includes variables that let you manage the permissions on metrics related to Experience Cloud solution integrations. You can manage permissions on Social , Mobile , or any other data that was inserted through a Experience Cloud integration. These will be enabled by default.
Defunct permissions / reports
These defunct reports will be removed:
  • Monthly Summary
  • Visitor Home Page
  • Netscape Plugins
  • Key Visitors
  • Pages Viewed By Key Visitors
  • Visitor Snapshot
  • DRM
  • Net Protocols
  • Java Version
  • Bookmark URL Length
  • Device Number Transmit
  • PTT
  • Decoration Mail Support
  • Information
  • Information Service
These reports:
  • Can still be accessed by Bookmarks.
  • Are not included in new Dimensions permission category.
  • Can no longer have their permissions edited.
  • Will retain access for custom groups with current access.