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Add a user group

User and product management is moving to the Admin Console . Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin Tools > User Management will be retired.
Steps that describe how to add a user group.
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > User Management .
  2. Click Add New User Group , then complete the fields and options described in Define User Groups .
    Quick links:
    • Analytics Tools : Enable user permissions for General items (billing, logs, etc.), Company Management, Tools, Web Service Access, Report Builder, and Data Connectors integration.
    • Report Suite Tools : Enable user permissions for API Access, Report Suite Management, Tools and Reports, and Dashboard Items.
    • Metrics : Enable permissions for traffic, conversion, custom events, solution events, content aware, and so on.
    • Dimensions : Customize user access at a granular level, including eVars, traffic reports, solution reports, and pathing reports.
  3. Click Save Group to create the group and return to the Groups page.