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User management overview

User and product management is moving to the Admin Console . Adobe will notify you when it is your time to migrate users. After all customers have migrated, help content for Analytics > Admin Tools > User Management will be retired.
Manage report users and groups on the User Management page lets you manage users and groups, and control access to reports, tools and report suites.
Analytics > Admin > User Management > Edit Users

User Account Descriptions

Current Password
Feature Description
Current Password
Administrators who want to add a user account, or edit an existing one, must enter his or her administrative password in this field.
Contact Information
First Name
The user's given name.
Last Name
The user's surname.
(Optional) The user's job title.
Phone Number
(Optional) The user's business phone number.
Email Address
The user's business email address.
Default Dashboards
Creates a default dashboard for a specified report suite.
User Name
The username used to log in. This entry cannot be longer than 40 characters. Names longer than this limit are truncated.
Set Password
The default account password.
Confirm Password
The default account password.
Require user to change password
(Optional) When selected, the user must change his or her password at the next login.
Login Valid From
(Optional) The dates during which a temporary account is valid.
Element Description
Administrator Grants the user permissions to all company reports, sites and pages in analytics reports, as well as the ability to add, edit or delete other users.
Grants the user only the selected group permissions. Select the desired groups in the Available Groups field (on the left), then click Add . The assigned groups appear in the Assigned Groups field (on the right). For information about creating and managing groups, see Groups .
Welcome Email
Send Welcome Email
Instructs the system to automatically send a message to the user's Email address with information about the new account.
Custom Message
Adds additional content to the welcome message. The custom message field supports HTML, but you cannot include attachments.
Preview Email
Displays the Welcome email in a separate browser window.
Set as default Welcome Message
Modifies the default Welcome message to include the custom content specified in the Custom Message pane.