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Row settings

Row settings vary depending on which component you have dragged into the table.
You can also use right-click actions in a table to manage selected row(s).
To access table row settings, click the Settings icon next to a dimension, segment, metric, time period, or a breakdown within each of these:
Row Setting Description
Align dates from each column to all start on the same row.
When you choose to align the dates, for example in a month-over-month comparison between October and September 2016, the left column will start with October 1 and the right column will start with September 1:
Disabled by default.
Calculate percentages by row
Forces the Freeform table to calculate the cell percentages across the row as opposed to down the column. This is especially useful for trending percentages. It is turned on by default when using the Visualize icon.
Column Totals
These settings show up only with manual (static) rows (when you have selected a finite set of items), not with dynamic rows (when you drop in a dimension that shows all items).
Note: For metric manual rows, the setting is disabled, since it doesn't make sense to sum any metrics besides the current rows in a table.
Calculate Totals by summing the values currently in each column (enabled by default):
This option calculates only the rows currently in the table. (Client-side calculation)
Calculate totals based on all rows for each metric (disabled by default):
This option includes all dimension items for this dimension, even those not listed in the table. (Server-side calculation)
Breakdown by position:
You can perform breakdowns based on a fixed location in a Freeform table. For example, you can specify that the top seven rows should always be broken down.
(Previously, the list of values in the breakdown were "locked". This led to a situation where, for example, if you broke down Date by Page , you got a list of the top 50 pages for your selected date range. If you saved that report and then ran it a month later, the top 50 pages would likely have changed. However, Analysis Workspace would use the results from the original breakdown and return the same pages, but with the current month as the date range.)
To perform breakdowns based on a fixed location:
  1. Break down some of the rows in your table.
  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon next to the table row you want in a fixed position.
  3. Check the checkbox next to Breakdown by position .
  4. Change the sort order or the date range and notice that the breakdowns are now tied to the row position, not the hard-coded rows.
Disabled by default.