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Hotkeys available in Analysis Workspace

Keyboard interactions, shortcut keys and point-and-click behaviors available in Analysis Workspace.
CTRL = Windows
command = Mac
Clear All
alt + w
Collapse/Expand all panels
alt + m
Collapse/Expand Active panel
alt + ctrl + m
ctrl (or cmd) + c
Create an Alert
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + a
Create Calculated Metric
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + c
Create a Date Range
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + d
Create New Project
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + p
Create a Segment
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + e
Curate Project Data
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + g
Download as CSV
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + v
Download as PDF
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + b
Get Project Link
alt + l
Go to Panels pane
alt + shift + 1
Go to Visualizations pane
alt + shift + 2
Go to Components pane
alt + shift + 3
Move to next panel
alt + Right Key
Move to previous panel
alt + Left Key
New Attribution Panel
alt + e
New Bar Chart
alt + 3
New Blank Panel
alt + b
New Freeform Panel
alt + a
New Freeform Table
alt + 1
New Line Graph
alt + 2
New Segment Comparison Panel
alt + c
Open Existing Project
ctrl (or cmd) + o
Refresh Components
alt + shift + r
Refresh Project
alt + r
Save Project
ctrl (or cmd) + s
Save Project As
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + s
Save as Template
alt + t
Search left rail
ctrl + /
Send File Now
alt + s
Send file on schedule
shift + alt + s
Set as Landing Page
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + l
Share Project
ctrl (or cmd) + g
ctrl (or cmd) + shift + z
ctrl (or cmd) + z