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Curation/Sharing overview

Curation lets you limit the components before sharing a project. You can share a project and its components with marketers and other non-analysts in your business. Annotate and apply tags to projects.
Video overview

Workspace > Share > Curate Project Data

Curate project data

  1. Specify permission to create and curate projects.
    Before creating or curating an Analysis Workspace project, administrators must add you to a group with the Analysis Workspace Access permission enabled, or to the All Report Access user group. ( Admin > User Management > Groups ).
  2. Create and save a project, then click Share > Curate Project Data .
  3. Drag components you want to share from the draggable component stack on the left to the Curated Components field.
    Curating components is not required for sharing a project. You can share a project with all available, default components, or with the selected components. To preserve all of the default components in a project, a best practice is to create a copy of a project for yourself (using Save As ) prior to curating components. Once you curate the components in a project, the other components are no longer available to you for that project.
  4. Click Done .
The resulting project behaves like a typical project in Analysis Workspace, but only with the specified components to choose from.

Share a curated project

Sharing makes this project available to other Analysis Workspace users in your organization. Any curation you have done is reflected when others use the project.
  1. After you curate the components of a report, click Share > Share Project .
  2. Add recipients.
  3. (Optional) You can share embedded project components (segments, calculated metrics, and date ranges) with all recipients. After being shared, these components will appear in the components drop-down of the recipient's Workspace.
    This setting does not persist - it is a singular action at the time of sharing.
  4. Optionally, you can set this page as the landing page for recipients.
    This setting does not persist - it is a singular action at the time of sharing.
  5. Click Share .