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Mobile App Overview

Note: The Analytics Mobile App is not released and is only available for beta testing among invited customers. This documentation is intended only for beta users and does not represent complete functionality of the feature. If you are interested in becoming a beta user for this feature, please contact Adobe Customer Care .
The Adobe Analytics Mobile App provides anytime, anywhere insights from Adobe Analytics. The app allows users mobile access to intuitive scorecards. Scorecards are a collection of key metrics and other components presented in a tiled layout that you can tap for more detailed breakdowns and trended reports. The mobile app is supported on both iOS and Android operating systems.
The following beta documentation is available for the Analytics Mobile App:
  • Curator's Guide : This guide is intended to help curators of data configure Scorecards for their executive users on the Analytics Mobile App. Curators may be organizational administrators or persons in other roles who are responsible for setting up app Scorecards.
  • Executive User Quick Start Guide : This guide is intended to help executive users read and interpret Scorecards on the Analytics Mobile App. The app allows executive users to view a broad rendering of important summary data quickly and easily on their own mobile devices.