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What's new in Report Builder

Lists current and previous releases and their features.

Report Builder 5.6

Edit Metrics across Multiple Requests
The Edit Multiple Metrics feature lets you easily add, remove, or replace metrics in a pre-existing group of requests.
For more information, see Edit Metrics Across Multiple Requests .

Report Builder 5.5

Publish to Power BI with Report Builder 5.5
Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics dashboards to analyze data and share insights. The Adobe Analytics integration with Power BI lets you visualize Report Builder Analytics data within Microsoft Power BI and easily share it across your organization.
Previously you, as an Analyst, would schedule Report Builder workbooks to be disseminated via email (or ftp). You can now give your business user stakeholders access (from within their Power BI accounts) to accurate and up-to-date data in a web-based environment that is accessible across platforms and devices.
Combining the report-generation capability of Report Builder with the visualization features of Power BI makes information more accessible to everyone in your organization. With Power BI, you can also integrate Adobe Analytics with other data sources (e.g., point of sale, CRM) to discover unique customer insights, associations, and opportunities. More...

Report Builder 5.4

  • Better management and editing of segments across multiple requests. New options under Edit Multiple Requests let you add, remove, replace, and replace all segment(s) within multiple target requests. More...
  • New link to the Adobe Report Builder Community The new Adobe Community link under Help takes you to the Adobe Community Forum with the search narrowed to Report Builder issues. The Adobe Community is a great way to ask your Report Builder peers questions about the application and to find out about or share best practices.
    You can change to a different locale by going to the main Adobe Forums page , under International Forums.
  • Enhanced login security In addition to a new login screen , the Standard Report Builder login features a more secure authentication process, based on the OAuth authorization framework.

Report Builder 5.2

  • Calculated Metrics Report Builder 5.2 supports Adobe Analytics Unified Calculated Metrics . Among other innovations, all calculated metrics now have a global ID - they are no longer restricted to one report suite.
  • Enhanced search for reports and metrics With more eVars and events being added to Adobe Analytics, the number of reports and metrics offered in Adobe Report Builder is increasing significantly. In order to simplify the search, a couple of new search bars have been added to the Request Wizard: one for report search and one to search for metrics .
  • Customer Attributes Customer attributes are stored in new type of element called VisAttr, which can be configured as a dimension or a metric. For more detailed information on how to upload customer attributes, see the Experience Cloud help .