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Labs User Guide

Labs allows for faster prototyping of early-stage ideas. It is a combination of tools and processes that accelerates development transparently, with a customer focus. It allows users to engage with emerging technologies, to discover valuable insights, and to influence future feature development and priorities. You can use Labs to get early access to Analytics innovations and to evaluate upcoming features within the context of your own business use cases and data.


Labs is automatically enabled for all admins. Other team members should contact their product administrators and request access.
If you have not already done so, read and sign the applicable Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms & Conditions forms.

Access the Labs Portal

To access Labs:
  1. If you do not already have access to Workspace and Labs, ask your administrator for permissions.
  2. Click the Labs tab.

Evaluate a prototype

To launch and evaluate a prototype:
  1. On the Labs screen, click the Launch button of the prototype you want to see. When the prototype is launched, you will see its name in the upper left of the prototype environment.
  2. Watch a video that highlights the prototype by clicking on Watch Video in the upper right of the screen. Click the Close button when the video is completed.
  3. Work with the prototype. When working in the prototype environment:
  • Projects created within the prototype environment cannot be saved or shared.
  • In a prototype you can evaluate the data with any dimensions, metrics, segments and visualizations that you otherwise have access to within Workspace.
  • Any changes you make within a prototype will not affect data collection or processing.
  • Changes made through creation or modification of segments, calculated metrics, and alerts persist outside of the prototype environment.

Leave feedback

  1. Click the Give Feedback button to provide feedback in the message box at any point when working with the prototype.
  2. Click Submit to send your feedback.
  3. To try a different prototype, or to exit the prototype environment, click the Leave Prototype button in the upper right of the screen and complete the short survey for the prototype. Any changes made to a prototype project are lost upon exiting the prototype environment.
  4. Click Submit to return to the main Previews portal.

Additional information

  • Some prototypes within Labs become Analytics features, others may not. Your feedback drives the decision, so review the prototypes and let Adobe know how valuable you find them.
  • Labs is available to all SKU entitlements.