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Create numeric 2 classifications

You create numeric 2 classifications the same way you create other classifications. You can add numeric 2 classifications only to conversion or channel variables.
In the May 10, 2018, Analytics Maintenance release, Adobe started to limit the functionality of date-enabled and numeric classifications. These classification types were removed from the Admin and Classification Importer interfaces. No new date-enabled and numeric classifications can be added. Existing classifications can still be managed (uploaded to, deleted) through the standard classification workflow, and will continue to be available in reporting.
  1. Click Admin > Report Suites .
  2. Select the report suite, then click Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Classifications .
  3. Click the Add Classification icon.
  4. Fill in the fields:
    Select Type: Select Numeric 2 .
    Name: Specify a name for the classification.
    Numeric: Select whether this classification is Percent (%) or Currency ($) .
  5. Click Save .