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Page URL

The 'Page URL' dimension lists the URLs on your site.
This dimension is only available in Data Warehouse. If you want to use a URL dimension in other Analytics solutions, use an eVar .

Populate this dimension with data

This dimension retrieves data from the g in image requests. AppMeasurement collects this data using the pageURL variable.

Populate an eVar with URL

Adobe recommends setting an eVar to the concatenated string window.location.hostname + window.location.pathname . This string typically works better than window.location.href because it omits protocol, query strings, and anchor tags.
If you want the eVar to exactly match the 'Page URL' dimension in Data Warehouse, you can use dynamic variables and set the eVar to D=g on each hit. Note that this method does not work for custom link hits, as the page URL is stripped for all tl() calls.

Dimension values

Dimension values include the URLs of pages on your site.