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Calculated metrics used Marketing Channel reports

Add calculated metrics to Marketing Channel reports in Analytics.
Calculated metrics created in reports and analytics are available in the Marketing Channel report, with first-touch and last-touch equivalents. For example, if you have created a calculated metric called Revenue per Order, that metric is available on the Marketing Channel report as First Touch Revenue per Order and Last Touch Revenue per Order .
You can create calculated metrics directly from the Marketing Channel Report. Calculated metrics allow you to make useful comparisons between first-touch and last-touch channel metrics. For example, you can display the difference between first and last touch revenue.

Add calculated metrics to a Marketing Channel report

Add a calculated metric from the Marketing Channel Overview Report. You can add up to four metrics to the report.
  1. Open a Marketing Channel Overview Report.
  2. In the report, click Edit.
    If you are viewing a First Touch or Last Touch detail report, click Add Metrics to select a metric.
  3. Scroll to Calculated Metrics, then double-click a calculated metric.
    If the calculated metric does not exist, click Create to define the metric here. See the Calculated Metrics Guide for more information.
  4. Click Save.