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Manage marketing channels

Add or enable marketing channels in the Marketing Channel Manager. For report suites that have no marketing channels, an automatic setup lets you create several channels for you, along with their rules. You can edit predefined channels to suit your needs, or create your own (up to a total of 25).
Here are guidelines for creating channels:
  • Plan ahead by making a list of all your channels, so that all of your visitor hits are categorized to the right channel.
  • Always include channels for the categories of Internal hits and Direct hits.
Adding channels to the Marketing Channels page is done independently of creating rules on the Marketing Channel Processing Rules page. You associate rules with channels when creating the rule.

Add marketing channels

Add marketing channels in the Marketing Channel Manager.
You cannot delete a channel. If you do not want to use a channel, you can disable or rename it, and preserve it for later use.
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites .
  2. On the Report Suite Manager page, select a report suite.
    If you select multiple report suites, select a template that copies settings from the template to the selected report suites.
  3. Click Edit Settings > Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Manager .
    If your report suite does not have channels defined, the Auto Setup page displays.
  4. On the Marketing Channel Manager page, click Add Channel .
    This option is not available when 25 channels are defined.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To configure rules for the channel, click Marketing Channel Processing Rules .

Marketing Channel Manager - interface definitions

Field definitions for the Marketing Channel Manager page.
Enables or disables this marketing channel.
Channel Name
The friendly name of the marketing channel.
Override Last-Touch Channel
Lets you choose whether to override an existing, persistent last-touch channel with the selected channel. If you select this checkbox, any channel (including Direct and Internal) would override an existing last-touch channel. The result is conversion being attributed to a channel that might not deserve credit. For example, this option can ensure that the Direct channel does not receive credit for conversion if the user had previously been acquired via the Natural Search channel.
Channel Breakdown
Lets you break down a channel by this value. You can add possible channel breakdowns (subchannels) when creating marketing channel classifications .
Specifies how the user came to your site. You can select Online or Offline. Use Online channels for visitors who come through a search engine or email campaign. Offline channels apply to visitors who found your site through newspaper coupons or magazine advertisements. Offline channels usually include data imported through reporting Data Sources. See Data Sources . See Add Offline Data .
The color associated with this marketing channel. This color represents the channel in the Marketing Channel report.

Define channels

Before channels and channel data can be displayed in the report, create the channels and the underlying rules that process data. You can also create cost and budget amounts for associated channels, and specify how long you want the visitor engagement period to last. You perform report configuration tasks in Admin Tools.
Think of a channel as a container for visits. The rules assign visits to the proper container.
Adobe provides several predefined channels during an automatic setup that you can edit to suit your needs.
Adobe recommends that you set up your report in a report suite that you can use as a template for testing purposes. You can use the template to apply channel and rule sets globally to one or more production report suites.


If necessary, contact Customer Care to assist you with these prerequisites:
  • In the Administration Console (General Account Settings), enable the Conversion Level (e-commerce) option for the report suite.
    See General Account Settings in Analytics help for more information.
  • Set up access to the Marketing Channel dimensions.
  • Ensure that your account manager has enabled Channel Reports for your report suite.

Important processing notes

  • The system processes the rules in the order you specify, and when a rule is met, the system stops processing the remaining rules.
  • Rules can access variables that VISTA has set, but cannot access data that VISTA has deleted.
  • Channels store only conversion metrics. Traffic metrics are not available.
  • Two marketing channels never receive credit for the same event (such as purchases or clicks). In this way, marketing channels differ from eVars (where two eVars might receive credit for the same event).
  • The report can process up to 25 channels at a time.