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Costs and budgets

Learn how to assign cost and budget amounts to channels.
Cost represents what you spend on the channel. Budget represents the amount available to spend.
A useful way to view your ROI is to create a calculated metric that shows revenue minus costs. Or create one that shows the total cost along with a breakdown of cost per new engagement. For example, you can run a First-Touch Channel report showing new engagements. Then add a First-Touch Cost metric that shows you the cost per new engagement, by creating a calculated metric.
You can assign costs and budgets only to channels. All costs are given a time range over which they apply in reporting. When costs are associated with a channel directly, an allocation metric is chosen to show how costs break down across campaigns within a channel.
After you add cost and budget items, you can export the table data to a CSV file. You can also import a CSV file to the Marketing Channel Costs page.

Add cost and budget items

Add cost and budget items to Marketing Channels.
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites .
  2. On the Report Suite Manager page, select a report suite.
  3. Click Edit Settings > Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Costs .
  4. On the Marketing Channel Costs page, click Add Cost Item or Add Budget Item .
  5. Click Save.
    To continue adding cost items, click Save and Add Another .
  6. (Optional) To export or import CSV files, access the Marketing Channel Costs page, click Export File or Import File , then follow the prompts.

Marketing Channel costs - definitions

Field definitions for Marketing Channel Costs or Budgets.
The name of the cost or budget item. (This value is the Key value if you are using SAINT.)
The channel to which you want to associate this amount. Specify whether the cost or budget applies to a First Touch channel or Last Touch channel. Think of a first-touch cost amount as a one-time new engagement. A last-touch cost amount is for click-throughs.
Date Range
The time that you want to use for this amount.
The type of cost or budget, either a Rate or a One-Time Cost. The Rate specifies an ongoing cost, such as an amount per click. A One-Time Cost lets you specify a Distribute By amount. For example, if you distribute the cost by clicks, the affiliate with 60% of the total clicks is attributed 60% of the total cost. The Distributed by value is the metric used when you are breaking down numeric classifications.
Export File
Lets you export the table data to a CSV file.
Import File
Lets you import a CSV file to the Marketing Channel Costs page.