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Add offline data

Add offline data to Marketing Channel reports.
Online Channels let you categorize data for visitors who come through sources like a search engine, Internet ad, referring domain, or email campaign. Offline Channels apply to visitors who found your site through television ads, newspapers, or magazine advertisements.
Integrate data sources into Marketing Channel reports
If you want to integrate data sourced data into Marketing Channel reports, keep in mind the following:
  • Any standard hits passed in to analytics reports with a transactionID are processed through marketing channel processing rules as normal.
  • Any transactionID data sources passed into analytics are automatically associate with the same marketing channel on which the standard hit was processed.
  • Any other data sourced data does not go through marketing channel processing rules.
See Data Sources help for more information about Data Sources.
To classify offline channel data, activate the data in Data Sources, then download and edit the template.
See "Working with Data Sources" in the Data Sources User Guide .
Add offline data
  1. Click Admin > Data Sources .
  2. On the Data Sources page, click Create.
  3. Under 1. Select Category , select Offline Channel Data .
  4. Under 2. Select Type , select Offline Channel Data .
  5. Click Activate.
  6. Map offline metrics to reporting metrics by following the prompts on the Data Source Activation Wizard.
  7. Download and edit the template file in an editor, such as Excel.
    See "Creating a Data Sources File" in the Data Sources User Guide .
  8. Upload the file as described in "Uploading a Data Sources File" in the Data Sources User Guide .