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Create Marketing Channel processing rules

Create Marketing Channel processing rules, which determine if a visitor hit meets the criteria assigned to a channel.
This procedure uses an email rule as an example. The example assumes that you have added an email channel to your list of channels on the Marketing Channel Manager page.
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites .
  2. Select a report suite.
    If your report suite does not have channels defined, the Marketing Channels: Auto Setup page displays.
  3. Click Edit Settings > Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Processing Rules .
  4. From the Add New Rule Set menu, select Email .
    Here you are not selecting your channel, but a template that populates the rule with a few of the necessary parameters.
    Use Boolean logic (if / then statements) to configure a rule. For example, in an email channel rule, provide the settings or information emphasized in the following rule statement:
    "If **[All]** or **[Any]** of the following are true: **[Query String Parameter]** *<value>* **[exists]**...
    "Then identify the channel as **[Email]**...
    "Then set the channel's value to **[Query String Parameter]** *<value>*."
    In this example, <value> is the query string parameter that you use for your email campaign, such as eml .
  5. To continue creating rules, click Add Rule .
  6. To prioritize rules, drag-and-drop them to the desired position.
  7. Click Save.