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The 'Occurrences' metric shows the number of hits where a given dimension was set or persisted. When you drag a dimension in Workspace to a blank canvas, Adobe automatically applies this metric to the project.

How this metric is calculated

Out of all hits in a report suite, include hits where a dimension item is defined or persisted. Some dimensions, such as eVars , persist beyond the hit they are set on. This metric counts both initial and persisted values.

Compare to similar metrics

  • Occurrences vs. Instances : Occurrences count hits where a dimension item was set or persisted. Instances do not include hits where a dimension item persists.
  • Occurrences vs. Page views : Occurrences include all hit types, including page view tracking calls ( t() ) and link tracking calls ( tl() ). The page views metric only includes page view tracking calls, and excludes link tracking calls.