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Custom Traffic

Custom Traffic reports allow each organization to report on additional dimensions that are not implemented by default. Custom Traffic reports can be used in several ways, most commonly to measure traffic and pathing.

Properties of Custom Traffic Reports

  • Custom Traffic reports are based solely off of props (traffic variables).
  • The reports' default metric is page views (or instances in version 15). Version 14 page views and version 15 instances are identical, in that they count the total number of times that variable was defined. Version 15 page views only count the number of s.t() image requests (excluding requests).
  • Pathing can be enabled if it is included in your organization's contract and is requested by a supported user. When pathing is enabled for a traffic variable, the following metrics are available:
    • Average Page Depth
    • Average Time Spent
    • Entries
    • Exits
    • Reloads
    • Single Access
    • Visits
  • You can use participation metrics in traffic reports. This usage must be requested and included in your organization's contract.
  • These reports can be viewed in both trended and ranked formats.
  • Search filters can be used to locate specific line items.
  • Classifications can be used in these reports, allowing you to rename and consolidate line items.
  • Correlations can be enabled for any of these reports, allowing you to see relationships between other traffic variables.
  • The location of each Custom Traffic report varies depending on the prop's numeric assigned value. Generally they can be found under Traffic or Custom Traffic folder).