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Displays the hierarchical layout of the pages on your website and displays those pages in order based on how they are configured in the hierN variable. This report is populated using proper variable configuration that you set for each page that you want to take part in the hierarchy. This report lets you see selected metrics (such as Unique Visitors) for the hierarchy.
By specifying the hierarchy depth (the default is 10 levels), you can view the overall hierarchy, as well as the position and data for specific pages in the selected hierarchy. You can specify names for your hierarchies and, depending on the service level you have purchased, view hierarchies according to Page Views, Visits, or Visitors.
To improve consistency throughout Analytics, the Hierarchy Views metric is being renamed to Page Views, and an Instances metric is now available in the Hierarchy report.
Before August 2015, the Hierarchy Views metric was equivalent to Instances. From 20 August 2015 to 15 October 2015, the Hierarchy Views metric was equivalent to Page Views as a result of a change in the system. Removing the Hierarchy Views metric entirely will ensure that you have a better understanding of the data it represents, because you will be able to use either Page Views or Instances explicitly.