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Marketing Channel Overview

The Marketing Channel Overview Report is designed to provide high-level insight on which methods customers get to your site are most effective. Use this report to allocate success metrics and revenue to various channels. You can also see the specific campaigns or keywords within each channel that are most successful. It contains its own unique and intuitive interface, allowing you to view both first and last touch metrics at the same time.

General Properties

  • This report is solely dependent upon the Marketing Channel processing rules . Changing these rules change how data in this report is calculated.
  • The order of processing rules is crucial to how Marketing Channels work. Each hit checks criteria at the top of your processing rules first, then filters down from there.
  • This report is made up of two breakdowns: the channels themselves, and their channel details. Clicking the '+' button next to each channel reveals its details.
  • Only four metrics can be added to each column. However, you are not limited to the number of columns you can use.
  • A small trend line can be seen at the end of the last column. This trend line can cycle between active metrics.
  • In addition to various channels collected by standard methods, you can use offline data sources.
  • Classifications can be used, allowing you to rename and consolidate line items.
  • The following metrics can be used in this report (depending on organization and report suite settings):
    • Click-throughs : the number of times the s.campaign variable is defined.
    • New Engagements : the number of visitors who have received a new First Touch Channel.
    • All standard eCommerce metrics: Revenue, Orders, Units, Carts, Cart Views, Checkouts, Cart Additions, Cart Removals.
    • All custom events: Events 1-80, and Events 81-100 if on H22 code or higher.
    • Visits and Visitors : requires Commerce Visits and Visitors, which is dependent on organization and report suite. Contact your Account Manager for additional details.
    • Budget and Cost : metrics specific to Marketing Channels. See Costs and Budgets .

Product-Specific Properties

Version 14 and 15
This report can be accessed by going to Marketing Channels > Channel Overview Report (provided the menu is not customized).
Segmentation is not available in this report. Use the First- or Last-Touch Channel or First- or Last-Touch Details reports instead.
Ad Hoc Analysis
Though the Marketing Channel Overview Report is not available, Marketing Channel reports can be accessed with metrics using different allocation. This allows you to effectively recreate a very similar report.
This report can leverage multiple advanced segments.