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Return Frequency

Shows the length of time that passes between visits from returning visitors, and the number of visits that fall into each time length category. Use the report to see the average amount of time that repeat visitors go without visiting your site, and the trends in repeat customers.
Use this information to market effectively to visitors who have gone a certain period of time without visiting your site.
You can:
  • Identify the number of return visitors and the frequency of their return visits.
  • Evaluate your website's appeal and relevance to visitors over time.
  • Know how sticky your site is to visitors and how often they feel compelled to return for further interaction or updates.
  • Identify the impact of your website's content and promotions on your visitors.
By default, this report has the following time lengths:
  • Less than one day
  • One to three days
  • Three to seven days
  • Seven to fourteen days
  • Fourteen days to one month
  • Longer than one month


  • This report does not record any first-time visitors, as there is no prior visit to compare against.
  • The date range in this report uses the time in which the visit occurred. For example, a visitor comes to your site in April, then comes back twice in the same day in October. Pulling a Return Frequency report for the month of October would show one visit under "longer than 1 month", and one visit under "less than 1 day".