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Site Analysis

An Ad Hoc Analysis report. Site Analysis displays how visitors move through specified pages and events. For example, you can see the flow of traffic between pages, the affinity between products and marketing channels, and how campaigns and channels flow to product orders. You can drag pages, dimension items (and lists), and metric events. Each cylinder represents one or more dimension items (pages) or an event. Arrows represent the flow between the cylinder values. Metrics are assigned to cylinder positions (X and Y), cylinder width, cylinder height, and color. The position, size, and color changes depending on the metric values.
Drag items from tool panes to add them to the graph or the dimensions field.
Right-click cylinders to edit or remove them.


Show Site Analysis At (Visit or Visitor)
Lets you switch between Visit and Visitor to analyze visitor pathing. These settings help you understand visitor engagement at the visitor level, across visits. Site Analysis, Flow, and Fallout reports are enabled for visitor pathing. Changing this setting reruns the report, constraining the data to the selection.
Add Checkpoint
Displays the Checkpoint Editor , from which you can select dimensions or events to add to the display.
Replace Chart
Replaces the Site Analysis chart with the checkpoints you add to the editor.
Fit to Screen
Restores a chart's original view.
Aerial View
Provides a top-down view of the chart.
Toggle Grid
Toggles the grid on or off.
The item on which you are reporting. Drag the item from Dimensions

Right-Click Options

Lets you add or remove pages to a cylinder.
Lets you remove a cylinder.
Lets you launch another report from the cylinder.
Save Chart As
Lets you save the chart as a .png or .jpg . If you change the chart controls (graph angle, size) before saving, the changes are preserved in the output.
Copy Chart to Clipboard
Copies the chart for pasting into another application. If you change the chart controls (graph angle, size) before saving, the changes are preserved in the output.