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These reports display information about browsers, operating systems, monitor resolutions, and so on, that visitors use.
Report Description
Identifies the types and versions of browsers that visitors use. This data gives you an understanding of your audience's Web sophistication level and can justify optimizing your site for particular browser features.
You can use this report to design pages to meet your visitors' needs, identify audience preferences, and test pages in popular browsers.
Browser Types
Classifies the browsers visiting your site into their major families, such as Microsoft and Google.
For example, a Browsers Report that shows 100 daily unique visitors using Microsoft Explorer 8.0 and 200 using Microsoft Explorer 6.0, would 300 visitors using Microsoft in the Browser Types Report .
Browser Width
Displays the most common widths of the browsers (in pixels) your visitors use to view your site.
Browser Height
Displays the most common heights of the browsers (in pixels) your visitors use to view your site.
Operating Systems
Displays the operating systems visitors use.
Monitor Color Depths
Displays your visitors' most popular color-depth settings as configured on their computer. Color-depth refers to the number of colors that can be displayed on the screen.
Monitor Resolutions
Displays the screen resolutions visitors most commonly use, as configured on their computers.
Displays the percentage of visitors that use Java.
Displays the percentage of visitors that have JavaScript turned on or off.
JavaScript Version
Displays the versions of JavaScript your visitors' browsers use while viewing your site.
Displays the percentage of your visitors that prefer to use cookies while browsing.
Connection Types
Displays the percentage of visitors that use high-speed Internet connections versus slower dial-up connections.
Mobile Carrier
This report shows the wireless service provider (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and so on) used by site and app visitors.