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Traffic reports give you in-depth insight into how visitors interact with your website.
Traffic reports let you:
  • Analyze critical aspects of visitor behavior.
  • Monitor and understand traffic patterns.
  • Determine popular site content.
  • Segment visitors by any measurable criteria.
Some out-of-the-box reports contain both Traffic and Conversion metrics (such as the Search Engine reports). However, Traffic and Conversion reports are unique to your organization and are displayed in the Traffic and Conversion menus.
Common Persistence
In Traffic Sources, all report values persist and receive credit until they are overwritten or until the visit ends, whichever comes first. Previously, only Keywords and Referring Domains persisted. For example, if a visitor performs a Google search for DVD , which brings them to your site for a $100 purchase, the report allocates $100 credit to the keyword DVD and also to the Google search engine. This functionality is unalterable, regardless of admin settings.