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Data column definitions

Use this section to select which data columns to include in the feed and how the feed data should be processed and packaged before delivery.

Data Column Options

The Data Column Definition section includes the following options:
Remove Escaped Characters
Select whether to remove escaped characters from the feed content.
Include Data Manifest
Select whether to include a data manifest at the beginning of each delivered feed.
Compression Format
Select the compression format for the generated feed.
Packaging Type
Specify how the feed is sent.

Specify Columns

Select the desired columns from the Available list, then click Add to include the selected columns.
The Data Column Definitions section contains the following elements:
Select Column Templates
Choose from the list of predefined Data Columns definitions. After you select a column definition template, the "Included Columns" list contains columns from the selected template.
Available Columns List
Choose from the list of all possible Dimension and Metrics IDs that can be included in a data feed.
Included Columns
Choose from the list of columns included in the data feed. The Delete icon appears when hovering above an included column. Drag and drop to move columns up and down in the Included Columns list.

Download CSV

The Download CSV option lets you download the current Data Column Definition.
This option is available only after at least one column is added to the Included Column list.