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Data Feed jobs - overview

Use the Jobs tab to view job histories and perform job management tasks.
The Jobs list provides information such as job status, when jobs start and when they are completed, how long the job took to run, and so on.
Click on column headings to toggle the order in which the jobs are displayed.
To set the information you want to display in the Jobs list, click the Settings icon and select the desired column names.
Feed Name, Start Time, and Status are required columns and cannot be removed from the Jobs list.
Feed ID
Unique identifier for the feed.
Job ID
Unique identifier for the job.
Feed Name
Name of the feed.
Start Time
Start name for the job, shown in your time zone.
Running Time
The amount of time needed for the job to run. Shown as dd hh:mm:ss.
The current status of the job.
Completion Time
The time when the job finished running. Shown in your time zone.
Requested Date
Data stamp for the data contained in the job.