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Analytics Data Feed overview

Data that is collected from web sites, mobile apps, or is uploaded using web service APIs or data sources, is processed and stored in Adobe's Data Warehouse. This raw clickstream data forms the data set that is used by Adobe Analytics.
As a service, Adobe can deliver this raw data to the customer in a batched manner on a recurring daily or hourly delivery schedule. This service is called "Analytics Data Feed." Each data feed comprises the raw data for a single report suite.
Historically, Data Feed administrators had to rely on Adobe Customer Care to get a status update on their Data Feed jobs. This is no longer the case. The Data Feed user interface is now available to all Adobe Analytics administrators.
Use the Analytics Data Feed interface to:
  • Configure and manage data feed requests
  • Change existing data feeds
  • Check whether all data feed jobs have been properly delivered
  • Monitor status of all data feed jobs
  • Rerun data feed jobs
The following video shows how to create and manage your own Data Feeds within Adobe Analytics.