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Using Adobe Experience Platform Edge data with Analytics

You can use the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Web SDK to send data to Adobe Analytics. This works by translating the Experience Data Model (XDM) into a format used by Analytics.
Analytics collects XDM data through two methods:
  • Automatic mapping from XDM schemas
  • Manual mapping to context data

Automatic mapping

Automatic mapping relies upon a default schema in the XDM that automatically populates JSON objects that are included in typical Analytics data collection. The Analytics variables that are automatically mapped from the XDM to your configured report suites do not require any developer support to incorporate.

Manual mapping

Manual mapping of XDM data to Analytics relies upon Analytics context data variables. These variables are put into JSON objects that correspond to applicable schemas. Typically, your development team adds context data upon implementation and then Admins set processing rules to apply that data to specified report suites.


To set up Analytics to receive XDM data:
  1. Make sure the applicable report suites are mapped to the data you want. XDM data automatically flows to the report suite from Adobe Experience platform.