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Detailed product view page

The products variable is used for tracking products and product categories (as well as purchase quantity and purchase price).
A success event should always be set in conjunction with the products variable."prodView"

While prodView is treated in implementation like an event, it does not have the same flexibility in the interface. The * prodView *event is an instance of the product and is only available in the products report. Adobe recommends you use a custom event in addition to the prodView event. This way, you can see the product view metrics alongside other metrics in other conversion reports.
s.products=";diamond earrings (54321)"

The products string syntax must begin with a semicolon. This is a legacy syntax requirement. It was previously used to delimit the category and product, but that creates a limitation within the interface should you ever want to change how you are classifying products. For the maximum flexibility in your reporting, it is best to leave this blank and use Classifications to set up categories.

Shopping Cart Page ( scOpen , scAdd , scRemove )"scOpen,scAdd"

First Checkout Page"scCheckout"

Confirmation Page"purchase"

While using the SKU in the product string may make the products report less readable, it provides the maximum flexibility later when you want to classify your products. You can create categories from the SKU that indicate finish, manufacturer, category, and sub-category.
When the products variable is set in conjunction with the purchase event, the purchase quantity and total purchase price are included in the products value as shown above.