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Using props as counters

A counter stores (and sometimes displays) the number of times a particular event or process has occurred.
You can use a prop to count the number of times an event occurs. For example, you want to track the use of the Real Player vs. the Windows Media Player on your site. Each page contains Code to Paste, in which you can see s.prop variables. Use s.prop 1 to track the players. For page A, enter a value in s.prop1 to represent Real Player.

For page B, enter a similar value in s.prop1 for Windows Media Player, as shown below.

Adobe offers up to 75 s.prop variables for you to use.
As visitors come to your site and visit the pages containing the Real Player or Windows Media Player, Analytics is able to segment the users based on which pages they visited. The Custom Traffic report then shows the number of visits to each page.
The name of the Custom Traffic report can be customized. For example, the Custom Traffic report can be renamed to "Player Types Report."