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Implementation roadmap

New Users

If you are new to Adobe Analytics, you can quickly create your first Analytics report suite (data repository) using the Getting Started with Adobe Analytics guide. Then, you can deploy Analytics code using Experience Platform Launch .

Implementation Roadmap

Step Task Description
Choose an implementation method.
Common ways to implement Analytics include:
Set up the Identity Service.
(Formerly Visitor ID service .) See Set Up the Identity Service for Analytics .
Use the chosen implementation method to update and deploy page code.
Place the page code just after the opening <body> tag on each page you want to track. At a minimum, update the following variables:
  • var s=s_gi("INSERT-RSID-HERE")
  • s.pageName="INSERT-NAME-HERE" // for example, s.pageName=document.title
Use the Adobe Experience Cloud debugger to verify that data is being sent.
Install the Experience Cloud Debugger . After it is installed, load a page where you have deployed page code and then open the debugger. The debugger displays details about the collection data that was sent.

More Information

For information about the differences between Experience Platform Launch, Dynamic Tag Management, and JavaScript methods, see Choose an Implementation Method .
For a concise overview of the getting started process and help on quickly setting up your first Analytics report suite, see Getting Started with Analytics Implementation in the Getting Started with Analytics guide.